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NDJ-1 digital viscometer Rotating viscometer

Working principle:


NDJ-type 1 rotating viscometer is applicable to various kinds of liquid and determination of the absolute semiliquids viscosity and include determination of grease, paint, food, medicine, cosmetic, glue, etc. Various kinds of fluid viscosity. Is the new product development, product quality control testing is used in the analysis of one of the most precise instrument.

I company of production NDJ-type 1 rotating viscometer has the following features:

1. The lifting system USES inclined rack/inclined gear way:

Domestic other factory rotation viscometer by the straight rack/gear straight way, rack and gear at work, only a tooth contact, if easily adjusted upward; Will the downward slide, such as avoid the slippery, upward adjustment will be difficult. Face the rotation of the factory is inclined gear viscometer by way of inclined rack and inclined gear a job, with three tooth contact, overcome straight rack/straight gear shortcomings, move convenient, easy, and not since the slippery. (oblique rack/inclined gear in the way of the cost of processing requirements than straight rack/gear way much more difficult)

2. Connections at the rotor increased universal joints:

Usually the rotor rotating viscometer with direct axis is rigid connection, the axis of the heart or the different different rotor can cause heart during the test of the rotor, shaking impact test accuracy. The axis of the sharp and fine was sharp, is casual collisions also often cause shaft bending even pointed damage. Using the universal interface can effectively reduce the shaft and the heart of different rotor bring test error, and the protection of shaft from hitting pointed damage. This structure other domestic manufacturer had not, only import high-grade viscometer seen (universal joints imported CNC machine tool, with very high accuracy, it also cost increased many).

3. Change gear adopts high wear-resisting, high performance engineering plastic suppression and become:

In order to make the operation of the rotating viscometer smooth, measurement accuracy, to gear process accuracy is very high. At present domestic other factories viscometer is used with metal gear tooth again and processed into other parts of riveting, due to the limitations of the processing methods, it is hard to meet the design requirements, make viscometer at work doesn't operate smoothly, such as jitter, shaking, pointer to beat, and noise. And our factory adopted the high performance engineering plastic its performance than the metal gear parts of the whole) will a pressure molding, for mould of high precision and thus makes the processing of the gear fully meet the design requirement and fundamentally solve the problems caused by the metal gear, make viscometer at work was very smooth, improve the testing precision.

4. Fine processing and excellent performance:

Every component is elaborate processing, elaborate debugging, and strict quality control, the user is happy to buy as far as possible, be at ease use.

The main technical parameters:

Determining range
1 ~ 1 x 105 mPa

Rotor specifications
1, 2, 3, 4, 4 kinds of rotor (0 th rotor is option, measurable low viscosity to 0.1 mPa. S)

Instrument speed
6/12/30/60 turn/points

Measurement error
Plus or minus 5% (Newton liquid)

Electricity source
220 V ± 10 V; Frequency 50 Hz

Net weight
5.5 kg

Shape dimension
400 x 370 x 150 mm