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NDJ-8S Digital display Rotary viscometer Viscosity tester meter

NDJ-8S type digital display viscometer is this company spin viscometer upgrading of products. The apparatus adopts the advanced mechanical design technology, manufacturing process and microcomputer control technology, data acquisition correct; Display choose blue backlighting, high brightness LCD display, the data? Li stables allow 
The measuring instrument has high sensitivity, the test results are reliable, use convenient operation, modelling beautiful and easy, and other features, is used to measure the absolute Newton type liquid viscosity and the Newton type of liquid apparent viscosity of instruments, which can be widely used in oil, paint, plastic, drugs, adorn article, coating, detergent, etc. Various kinds of objects viscosity measurement.

The main technical parameters:

Type NDJ-8 S number
Measurement range 1 ~ 2 x 1000000 mPa
The rotor specifications 1-4 rotor matching 0 th rotor can be measured the low viscosity to 0.1 mPa
The rotor speed of 0.3, 0.6, 1.5, 3, 6, 12, 30, 60, turn/points
Since the move files can choose the right number and automatic rotor speed
Interface choose Chinese/English
Reading ShuTiao square with stable cursor cursor division shows reading basically stable
Measuring precision plus or minus 2% (Newton liquid)
The power supply ac 220 V plus or minus 10% frequency 50 Hz plus or minus 10%
Work environment temperature 5 OC to 35 OC, relative humidity is not more than 80%
Shape dimension 370 x 325 x 280 mm
Net weight of 6.8KG